Turismo Laura Rivas. Transporte para Turismo
Our business fulfills high safety measures to provide an excellent service to our customers. Our entire fleet has an additional insurance per seat, drivers who have been authorized by the Chilean Ministry of Transport, safety belt, air conditioning, heating, comfortable seats, communication system, GPS and a first aid kit. In addition to that, our buses in particular, have bathroom, television, huge baggage cabinets and a speed controlling system.
Our Services
Schools, Universities, Professional Institutes, School Trips, Graduations, Final term trips. Inside and outside of Chile.


Casino Services in Monticello San Francisco de Mostazal, Monticello Los Andes, Enjoy Viña del Mar, Enjoy Colchagua, Casino de Talca, among many others.


Guests transport services to and from their residences, wedding ceremonies, celebrations, bachelor parties, funerals, baptisms, birthday parties, discos, night events, etc.
Massive events such as: Concerts, Sport Events, Rodeos, Recreational Services, Beach Area, Sporting Club, Horse Racetrack, Club Hípico de Santiago, National Stadium, and others.


Alejandro Fleming 9330 - Las Condes
Santiago - Chile
Phone: (56) 222124060
(+56 9) 94873055